There are so many motorcycle dollies on the market that it can be hard to know what you’re getting. More importantly, it’s hard to know where the machinery comes from. Don’t waste time searching for the manufacturer or location because we make it easy for buyers. Save time with research by choosing Motomover’s high quality motorcycle dolly.

Shop Local

Our story is different from other companies because we believe that it’s important to shop locally. To us, local means made in the United States of America. We don’t sell items made in foreign countries because we make the product ourselves! Every component is designed, made, and assembled in the United States. We believe in providing our customers with the top materials.

The idea for our high quality motorcycle dolly came out of sheer necessity. We discovered that a well-made product was missing from the market. We wanted to fill the gap where other systems came up short. Some are too complicated to assemble. Others are cheaply produced. Motomover is proud to make products in the USA.

Made With the Best By the Best

We wanted to bring riders like you a grade-A, well-engineered product that could be trusted to hold your prized motorcycle. And that’s when the Motomover was born. Our materials are 100% USA-made. This makes our system superior to the mass-produced, often foreign-made brands. Flimsy materials and poor design just can’t seem get the job done.

Made with high quality galvanized steel atop roller bearing wheels, our high quality motorcycle dolly has the strength to support up to 1,100 pounds. It can hold a lot, but it isn’t difficult to steer. Our machinery is sturdy and easy-to-use.

Using Your Motomover

We offer input about how it works and this makes it easy to use right away! From setup to lockdown, you can move even the heaviest bikes smoothly and securely with ease. Click here to see how it works!

Select a High Quality Motorcycle Dolly

Don’t trust your prized bike to a cheaper version. The parts are probably mediocre, and the product won’t last. Motomover offers a fantastic product, and our company makes professional standards the priority. We take pride in it. The fact is that most other systems just can’t compete. you get what you pay for. Order today and see the Motomover difference for yourself.