Motomover has received a lot of praise over the years. Not only for the quality of our rolling motorcycle dolly, but for the personable service our team provides our clients.

MotoMover: The Rolling Motorcycle Dolly

John Lawrenson met the owners of Motomover by happenstance on the way to pick up his 2015 Indian Chief Vintage from the shop. And, a few months later, that meeting solved a big problem. His wife had decided to get a new Mini Cooper, and there was no longer room in the garage for his bike. He flashed back to his conversation about Motomover, the rolling motorcycle dolly, and picked up the phone.

“They were so personable and full of great conversation,” he said. “(The owner) came and delivered an assembled Motomover right to my garage.” John says the Motomover — a grade-A product made with high-quality galvanized steel atop roller bearing wheels — made it easy to maneuver his bike so it could fit alongside the two cars.

It also made riding his bike easier, too. “I no longer have to back it out of the garage and down the driveway,” he said. “I can turn it around in the garage and ride it right off the Motomover rolling motorcycle dolly.”

But the best thing about Motomover, John says, is the personal customer service they offer. “They are just wonderful people to talk to and know,” he said. “They even reached out and said we should go riding one day.” The service Motomover provides is unlike what you will experience anywhere else.

We value all of our customers and believe in personalized, genuine service. These are the types of values that allow us to bring you the best motorcycle dolly on the market. Have questions about Motomover? Contact us. Are you out of space in your garage and ready to buy the Motomover rolling motorcycle dolly? You can do that at our shop here.