If you’re on the fence about buying the Motomover, look no further. A quick glance at our online reviews will make it clear why our motorcycle dolly is superior to other big-bike dollies on the market. They note our customer service, product quality, and more. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Listen to real-life, everyday bike owners like you who have chosen the Motomover.

Here’s what they have to say about our motorcycle dolly:

Compared to Other Motorcycle Dollies

  • “I bought and returned two other dollies before the Motomover…. The other dollies were a joke compared to this one…. Thanks to the team at Motomover!!!!” — Jay, September 2015
  • “May seem pricey, but when you get it you will see how heavy duty this is. I wouldn’t trust my Road Glide Ultra on any of the cheaper versions sold.” — John S. U., February 2016
  • “Well made…. This was a great find and works as advertised and so much better than (other chain store dollies)…. Motomover’s customer service was also spot on…. It was great to personally talk to the owner who answered all my questions/concerns…. Thanks Motomover!!” — Dustoff Pilot AP, December 2015

Ease of Use and Value

  • “This product is incredibly sturdy, I was able to ride my bike onto the rail with no concerns about safety or losing my balance… This is a fantastic product….” — Richard J. B., December 2015
  • “Absolutely as advertised. High-quality… easy to assemble and easy to maneuver. Definitely worth the price.” — K.R. O.B., September 2015
  • “I realize it’s expensive, but I can move my bike with four fingers! With this motorcycle dolly, you get what you pay for!” — Peter J. C., May 2016
  • “If you’re looking for something to move your bike stop here no need to look any further.” — marksdanna, February 2016

The Motomover Motorcycle Dolly Difference

  • “Shipping was really fast, it’s really well built, made in the USA!!!” — Gilberto N. M., September 2015
  • “Motomover is exactly what I was looking for. With the large castor wheels I can move my bike around the garage with ease. Parking in tight corners was a pain until purchasing the Motomover…. A great purchase for any bike owner.” — Luke, January 2016
  • “Amazing dolly — extremely well made…. Once on, a breeze to move in the garage. Well worth the price! Excellent company to deal with — they care about our feedback!” — Martin K., April 2016

Like one of our product reviewers said, don’t waste your time on other inferior products. Buy the Motomover motorcycle dolly today for a smoother start and finish to your rides.